Kishore Vancheeshwaran
Contemplating Firefox

With Firefox 98, I can no longer view pdf files without downloading them to my default Downloads folder. This looks like a breaking change and affects the user experience so much. Here are some threads explaining the changes and the Mozilla devs defending their decision.


To fix this, I can do one of the following.

  1. Mess with configs
    1. Go to about:config
    2. set to false.
    3. set to false. Note that this is temporary and this option will be removed in the future.
    4. Settings > General > Downloads > Always ask where to save files
    5. Applications > Have nothing set to Save File (e.g. Always Ask, or a default handler). Do this for every file/MIME type.
    6. Set your download directory to your temp directory. In linux it is /tmp.
  2. After each download, if you don’t want to keep it, open the downloads manager > right click > delete.
  3. Ditch Firefox and move to Chrome.

IMO, I personally feel sad and annoyed. Many people to whom I have recommended Firefox have been complaining constantly about their UX getting worser with each update. I should not have to spend time fixing things after every update. It’s like they want me to move away from Firefox. 😮

I will continue with Firefox… 😵

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