Kishore Vancheeshwaran
Looking back at 2021

Compared to 2020, 2021 looks like a depressing year overall for me. Here’s what has happened during 2021.

  • Laid off and changed jobs at the start of the year
  • Got a new job
  • Affected and recovered from Covid
  • Vaccinated against Covid
  • Struggling with WLB balancing OMSCS and work
  • Not much in terms of self learning
  • Health is a mess. Sedentary lifestyle is bad for my health.
  • Poor time management skills and a lot of procrastination

Having said that, I look forward to 2022 being a better year than 2021. Here are the goals I wish to accomplish in that year.

  • Better health and fitness. I should honestly take my bodyweight training more seriously and get my first pull up (and more).
  • Better WLB.
  • Focus on using teachyourselfcs for getting better at my CS fundamentals
  • Write book reviews for technical books that I read. At least 1-2 books a month.
  • Learn a functional programming - using Haskell/OCaml/Scala.
  • Learn a language other than Python. I’m looking at Go/C/Java/CPP. I think I can use Go as a daily driver and try to migrate many of my python scripts. The remaining languages can be learnt on the fly as and when required.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year 😃

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